Culture, food and shopping on and around Potsdamer Strasse.

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What you’re holding in your hands is a sketched-out guide to culture, food, and shopping on and around Potsdamer Strasse – a street affectionately known as “Potse” to locals and fans. Over the past five years, Potse has quietly evolved from being a nondescript thoroughfare connecting two re-emerging western Berlin districts to the city’s most concentrated hub for visual art and the things that go with it – studios, galleries, a cozy bar or two, a reading room, and even avant-garde shops for the daring.

How does Potse differ from Berlin’s many past art hubs?
History: It was here that the city’s most celebrated art galleries and antique dealers congregated in the 1920s.
Hype: There’s less of it. Serious galleries have put down serious roots, and they’re often in spaces that aren’t necessarily visible from the street. Look, then look again – inside, upstairs, in the backyard. Potse reveals itself slowly, and rewards the diligent.
Heterogeneity: This is a true Berlin neighborhood, with a wide range of incomes, appearances, and origins. Diversity makes for a tenacious vibrance. Here, art venues happily coexist with Turkish markets, Woolworth’s or the Wintergarten Theater.

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Welcome to P O T S E.